About Me

Hi, I'm Roger Allen. I live near Portland, Oregon. I am a GPU Architect at NVIDIA. Which reminds me to say that my opinions on this site are my own and do not represent my employer or anyone else.

I'm writing this blog in the hopes of unifying a few online presences I have created over the years. We'll see how this goes. I seem to not be very consistent in how I create content...

A long time ago, I made my rogerandwendy.com site and I have a few things there. I'll probably be moving them to this site.

I started a blog on blogspot but without anything driving my posts, this kind of fizzled.

I moved to blogging on posterous and I have a few articles there, but they got bought by Twitter and they appear to be not updating the site anymore. I fear that it will go away.

I have a spot on bitbucket since I was exposed to hg before git, but git & github are winning, and it hurts my brain to intermix git & hg, so I seem to be using that site less & less...

I created my github account to hack on the Overtone project, mainly. Along the way, I've found myself extremely impressed with the git flow and the github site. I'm finding that I want to write some blog entries about Overtone and creating sounds & music, so I'll give blogging here a try.

Speaking of Overtone & music, I'm on soundcloud, too.

Oh, and I may tweet, sometimes.

Be seeing you...